A nexus between the touristic industry, technology firms, entrepreneurs and students.


  • Improve competitiveness

    Improve competitiveness, productivity and cost reduction of tourism enterprises, watching and encouraging turn the use of new technologies.

  • International excellence

    To become a center of international excellence in knowledge technologies applied to tourism giving preferential access to technology partners for R & D of Microsoft and its partner ecosystem integrating solutions and divert it towards innovation.

  • Success stories

    Recognize and collect the experience of the success stories of the tourism sector in order to promote excellence and international leadership.

  • Impact on tourist sector

    Build and promote changes in the technological environment that provide great impact on the tourism sector.

  • Implement innovation projects

    Streamline new initiative to implement innovative projects that bring added value both in the tourism sector and the ICT sector.

  • Generate new opportunities

    Resulting in economies of local scale based on technology transfer and proven experience.


  • ib2cloud
  • Dylvian
  • prodigy
  • amara
  • sm2
  • Quonext Turismo
  • Angel 24
  • Suitech
  • Inisle Interactive Technologies
  • Ekamat Mallorca
  • Antfor